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How Education Impacts Community

Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Leaders. Education Matters.

Today, it’s more important than ever that Prescott’s children receive a world-class education … that they get what they need to thrive as adults.

Within a few short years, the students in our PUSD schools will be Prescott’s leaders. They will be the teachers, doctors, nurses, business owners, government officials, and first responders who keep our society running.

Strong school districts create community stability and increase homeowner value. When people buy a home, a number of factors influence their decision; the look of the home, its size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities all are important.

The local school district is a factor with significant influence. We’ve always known good schools attract families with school-aged children, but recent statistics add concrete numbers and surprising trends to the storyline. Great schools play an important role in a vibrant, thriving community—and in driving up property values.

Today’s students will craft our future. They will set the tone for the Prescott we all love.

Do they have everything they need to succeed? To build the brightest possible future for all of us?

Your “yes” vote on the PUSD 2020 override will help ensure they do. Your “yes” vote will provide resources to cultivate the knowledge, job skills, and critical thinking skills our future leaders need.

In other words, an investment in education is an investment in the future.

Vote “Yes” on the PUSD 2020 Budget Override to give our students what they need to be the leaders we hope for.

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