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Good Stewards of Money

PUSD Strives to Run Efficiently to Prioritize a World-Class Education: Every Child, Every Day.

Over the course of the past several years, the PUSD Governing Board and administrators have proven they’re good stewards of the district’s budget and that they’re willing to make tough decisions in order to focus on the number one priority: a world-class education for every child, every day.

PUSD has closed two elementary schools (Miller Valley Elementary, which the district sold, and Washington Traditional School, which is now the district office), and combined its middle schools.

On average, U.S. teachers earn $56,383 each year. In New York, that number is $75,279 and in South Dakota, it’s $36,275. In Arizona, teachers earn, on average, $49,885. In PUSD, that number is $36,396.

Also, in the past 10 years, PUSD has gone from receiving 78% of its allocated state funding to receiving just 23%.

And, all Arizona school districts operate on small budgets compared to their national counterparts.

The National Education Association ranks Arizona last nationally in per pupil funding (as of 2014). Arizona is ranked 52, behind all the other states as well as District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

When states don’t adequately fund education, school districts turn to their communities. A vast majority of Arizona students—80%—are supported through a bond or override.

The bottom line: ever-changing rules, guidelines, and educational models are forcing districts to continually do more with less. Despite thoughtful management of district resources, PUSD needs your help to provide students with the world-class education they deserve.

This is your chance to join us in supporting our students. We’re stronger together. Vote “yes” on the PUSD 2020 Budget Override.

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